Local Exchanges
Swingtown Rebels pride ourselves on running some kickass dance exchanges during the year! These are great for dancers of all levels to come and have a blast, make new friends, boost your dancing, get sleep deprived and create some awesome memories!

Christchurch Swing Festival
This is an awesome weekend of workshops and social dancing, with amazing national and international teachers! Check out the details for this year’s Christchurch Swing Festival here:

Pocket Change Exchange
New Zealand’s only socials-only exchange – with 4 days/nights of epic social dancing it’s not to be missed, and we’ve had attendees from all over New Zealand, Australia and further afield!

Coming up in September 2017 you can check out details of this year’s event here:
Pocket Change Exchange (September 21-24 2017)


Social dancing in Christchurch
We have our regular social dancing night every Tuesday from 8:30 pm at Winnie Bagoes (153 Madras St). Come along for a pizza and/or a drink and a dance, we love visiting dancers, newbies and spectators!

There are often other opportunities for social dancing in Christchurch that are a bit more ad hoc – sometimes it’s a band playing that just can’t be missed, its a summer day, the Dance’o’mat needs some love or just for no reason at all! These tend to be arranged on shortish notice, so keep an eye out on our facebook page for the downlow, or sign up to our mailing list.

Out of town

  • If you’re going further afield and want to get your dancing fix while you’re away you’ve got plenty of options!
  • Check out the facebook group (and corresponding calendar) Aus and NZ Swing. They list all Australian and NZ swing events, a great resource for planning your exchanges!
  • Some awesome NZ events include:
    –  Art Deco Swing Napier (Feb)
    –  Windy Lindy Wellington – (late October)
    –  Dunedin Midwinter Swing Festival (June)
  • Get in touch with some of the other scenes from around New Zealand to find out if they have anything on when you are in their area:Auckland:
    Swing Out Central
    Gin Mill Swing

    Wai-Kat Swing

    Full Swing

    Swing KatzDunedin:
    Swing Riot