Swingtown Rebels Teachers

Jess McLachlan

Jess came along to lindy from a background in other solo dance styles. This has made her style and solo movement a stand out part of her dancing and gives her a style with real flair. She has competed nationally and internationally although she hates to go upside down.
Debi James

Debi and her husband Jeff are the reason there is swing dancing in Christchurch, they were the builders of our swing-ship that we all so happily sail on now! Debi’s passion for the dance and silliness in personality shows strongly in her dancing and she’s never far from a laugh.

Jeff James

Jeff has been an integral part of swing dancing in Chch since the beginning, his main attributes are his great dancing, awesome friendliness and passion for songs not quite so vintage…

Lisa Williams
Lisa began dancing June 2011 when she quickly fell in love with it. She was so dedicated to learning that she would come to classes after having spent all day breaking in horses and writing her thesis. She now joins the ranks of the teaching team bringing her soft spot for blues. She has even been known to ride a horse backwards for our entertainment.

Profile PicCarla Benton
Carla catches the eye with her personality and sass. She brings her A-game to every dance and teaches you a lesson or two in the school of attitude. Carla spends her spare time teaching Scottish line dances as well so she has slotted right into our teaching team very easily. She has been dancing with the Swingtown Rebels for many years and always carries with her a smile.

Michael Cawston
Michael started dancing in 2012 and fell for the dance after attending our biggest social event of the year “Pocket Change Exchange”. His background in sports helped him take to dancing and he sped through the different levels of classes, into performance troupe and into the teaching team very quickly. Michael has a soft spot for blues dancing and a good medium speed lindy hop and if you’re lucky you might spot him DJing part of his vintage Jazz and blues Vinyl collection for us at one of our events.

Angela Brett12030252_10102247483601777_4121498608769748533_o
Angela has a natural ability with dancing and came into swing dancing bursting with creativity, style and ideas. She held her wild side at bay so she could learn the basic steps and now that
the fundamentals are in place she has an amazing style exploding with personality. Angela is an excellent leader and follower and is currently the leader of our performance troupe this year. She is a pleasure to watch but be sure to ask her for a dance on the social floor!

Nathan Allpress
13466489_10154946438296679_193396940085802202_nNathan has been dancing for years, dabbling in Modern Jive and Salsa at University, but not really hitting his stride until he discovered swing in 2012. He loves Lindy Hop at all different speeds, with people of all different levels – he particularly prides himself on being friendly (ask him for a dance next time you see him down at social dancing!). One feature of Nathan’s dancing which makes him great fun to dance with is the clarity of his moves – this is also extremely handy when
you’re attending one of his classes!  He takes special delight in seeing people “get it” when learning a new move.

Rachel Skews

swing dance profile pic- Rachel SkewsRachel has been dancing her whole life, but didn’t start swing dance until her first year of university in Auckland, and (many) years later she’s still going- just now in Christchurch! Lindy hop, balboa, solo jazz, blues, she loves them all at any speed you set her. She thoroughly enjoys teaching, performing, and social dancing so you’ll see her dancing at most every opportunity.

Lotus Ferguson

Lotus found dancing at university and it has taken up all of her evenings, weekends and holidays since! She loves dancing, performing, teaching and DJing at home in Christchurch, around NZ and overseas. Come say hi!

Bob Young

A bit of a silly sausage sometimes, Bob started Lindy Hop in late 2014 after never having danced before in his life. With a bit of work, he found that his two left feet were miraculously changed into left and right swing feet! Taking out the South Island Champs for the novice category the following year, Bob still enjoys telling people about it. He can be seen dancing Lindy and Blues all around the scene and thinks that “just because you can’t dance now, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future”.

Liz Horton

Liz couldn’t get enough swing from the first class, and she chalks a big portion of that dancing love to the friendly, open-to-newbies atmosphere here at Swingtown Rebels. She tries to embody that vibe, which is why she learned to follow and to lead both right from the start: so she could dance with everyone! Fast or slow, any style, she loves it all, so ask her for a dance!