Swingtown COVID Guidelines

Swingtown’s Covid Rules (updated 14/04/2022)
By attending our classes or socials you agree to follow these rules. They will be subject to change as government guidelines are altered, but we will try to ensure we communicate any changes as clearly and as early as possible. The following rules have been determined based on the Government traffic light rules, and the results of a survey of Swingtown dancers conducted in January 2022. The implementation of these will continue to be monitored and may be updated if there are changes to community transmission, govt regulations and feasibility.

for Green and Orange traffic light level:

Don’t come if you’re sick!
If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms (such as a cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing or runny nose, loss of smell etc) please DO NOT ATTEND CLASS. This also applies if you have a household contact with COVID, have been in a high risk exposure scenario, and/or are waiting on a test result/isolating etc. If you are symptomatic even if you have a negative RAT test, please do not come! If you test positive for COVID and attended a Swingtown event within your potentially contagious period please let us know as soon as possible (your privacy will be respected).

Vaccine Passes are no longer required.
In keeping with the government guidelines, along with the high rates of vaccination in the community and current community spread situation, we will no longer be checking vaccine passes.

Practice good hygiene!
There will be hand sanitiser at the door, and hand washing facilities available in the bathrooms. Please ensure you utilise these frequently.

Mask use
Masks are encouraged for those who don’t mind wearing them, due to the close proximity of partner dancing. You are welcome to decide for yourself if you find it too difficult to enjoy dancing with a mask on then we leave this to your choice. However please recognise that some people are not comfortable without them, so we encourage you to bring a mask and be open to using it to oblige them if requested. Alternatively, you can of course always decline a social dance for whatever reason, including mask preferences. For class we will try and facilitate everyone’s mask preferences.

Pre-registration and payment required for classes
This streamlines the door registration process, and will help us with contact tracing/keeping you informed. At this stage we don’t have an official limit on numbers attending but we may revisit this if demand is higher than we anticipate, in which case registration will be on a first in basis.

For Red traffic light level: 

Partner classes and socials will not operate. Postponements and/or refunds will be arranged.

For solo dancing classes – all of the Green/Orange level rules apply as above. Social distancing is also required – please try and stay at least 1.5 m away from all other attendees at all times.

For ALL traffic light levels:

Please respect that everyone has different levels of comfort dancing in this scenario, so be aware some people may be keen to keep their group of close contacts limited. While we always encourage people to be welcoming, turning down dances is always ok regardless of the reason, and there may be more likelihood of this at the moment. Likewise moving away from people, or requesting that they request their distance from you is totally ok. Please be kind whichever side of this scenario you end up on! We will continue to monitor the situation in our community and be responsive – we want to both operate in accordance with the Government rules and do our best to keep our dance community safe and inclusive. But we are keen to get dancing with you all again too!!