AmazeBal 24-26 August 2018

So… what started as “Let’s see if the wonderful Lauren & Andrew want to come down one weekend and do a couple of classes for us Christchurch swamp dwellers ‘coz we want to do a bit more bal” has turned into “Let’s get the wonderful Lauren & Andrew down from Wellington for a whole weekend of balboa workshops and classes at three levels with people coming from multiple cities and also throw in some socials, a live band on Saturday an afternoon tea dance on Sunday and a social Sunday night”.

Not that we’re complaining.  We weren’t going to do a separate page on the website (after all, it was only going to be a couple of classes, right?  Yeah, right!).  But now that there’s a touch more going on, here is all the info for the upcoming AmazeBal Christchurch weekend.

Registrations are now open! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!!

Beginners – $50 (includes 3.5 hours of workshops and all three socials)
Movers/Groovers: $90 (includes 6.5 hours of workshops and all three socials)

Class levels:
Beginners – New to balboa, or have done a few classes, but aren’t confident social dancing. No assumed knowledge.
Movers – Comfortable with leading or following (as applicable) the basic moves on a social context to moderate speeds – up hold/down hold basics, come arounds, throw outs, lollies
Groovers – Have more experience dancing balboa, can do the movers moves, plus know a range of other moves, and are able to incorporate footwork variations or styling, as well as dancing to faster tempos.
(NB: We reserve the right to ask you to change levels if the levels are wildly uneven in numbers or we think you would be a better fit in a different level.)

All classes/workshops are held at Hohepa, 23 Barrington Street, Christchurch (where we have our usual classes).   If you don’t bring your own lunch, there are no lunch places within a quick enough walking distance, but Barrington Mall is two minutes’ drive up the road, and has a supermarket and a variety of food places.
The Saturday night and Sunday afternoon social will also be at Hohepa, too easy!
Sunday night social is upstairs at the Twisted Hop bar in Woolston (616 Ferry Rd).

Friday 24 August 2018:  We start off with a meet and greet  – come join us for a relaxed dinner together (remember to let us know you’re coming so we can reserve you a spot).  Location and exact time TBA.   There’s a Winter Market at the Arts Centre with snacks/food if you don’t want to join us for dinner, or if you want to while away an hour or so before dinner.

Saturday 25 August 2018: Workshops during the day (see schedule at the bottom of this page).  In the evening, the River City Jazzmen, one of our absolute favourite bands, will play live for us at Hohepa Hall.  Their dixie/swing repertoire is particularly suited to balboa! There’s no dress up theme, but by all means whip out the glad rags as it’s fun to be fancy.

Sunday 26 August 2018: Workshops again (see schedule at the bottom of this page) followed by an Afternoon Tea Dance at Hohepa Hall.  This is a time to have a social dance, go over some things you learnt in class, or simply enjoy a cuppa and a snack.

From 7pm-9pm we will be at The Twisted Hop, 616 Ferry Road, where our monthly Bal & Blues is re-cast as the Bal & Bal and where our DJs will keep the speed up and your feet moving.



If you have any questions please ask us at, or on the weekend ask one of the Swingtown Rebels Committee of Awesome Events members: Alicia, Sandra, Shona, Nathan, Beth and Angela.