SISDC 2019 – Workshops

We have some super fun competition related workshops lined up for Saturday afternoon (but if comps aren’t your jam we know you’ll still enjoy the workshops!). Level indication – all workshops are open level, but it is anticipated that for all except the first one (intro to swing dance comps, which is open to absolutely everyone), you will have been dancing for at least a couple of beginner sets of classes so you know some of the basic foundations (swing outs, Charleston, connecting with a partner etc), and are happy to social dance with a range of different partners. If you are unsure of your level please get in touch at

Workshops will be held at Salsa Latina, 12 Bath St, central Christchurch.

The workshop schedule for Saturday afternoon is as follows:

1 – 1:30 pm An Introduction to Swing Dance competition
FREE session, aimed at people who may not have attended a swing dance competition before and are keen to know exactly what’s involved and what will happen. Exactly what’s included will depend on who shows up – there’ll be a bit of information, a bit of dancing, and a chance to ask any questions you might have. If there’s time and the right mix of people we might do some practice shines or have a practice hitting some of the key points the judges might be looking for.

1:45 -2:45 pm Workshop A: How to have the best social dance ever! with Michael and Leo
Really, what’s the point of all of this if you and your partner aren’t having a blast! Swing dancing is all about the social dancing, and having a great time, the competition side of it is very secondary. Anyone who’s seen Michael and Leo dance know that they are all about having fun with their partners – and they’re going to share some of the magic with us. Whether you’re dancing with a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, there is nothing but opportunity to have fun. So sign up for the Mix and Match, get paired with someone of any level, and use some of these ideas to give your partner their most fun dance of the evening. Same for any of the other categories, if you’re having fun it will come through to the judges and audience!

3 – 4 pm Workshop B: Performance style! with Sarah and Jess
Sarah and Jess are the Queens of swing dance performance in Christchurch. As alter egos Shortie Georgia and Tacky Annie they have wowed audiences at all sorts of events across town for years – this is your chance to come and learn from the best how to take what you do and make it look incredible.

4:15-5:15 pm Workshop C: Styling it up! with Michael and Leo
And we’re back with Michael and Leo all the way from Wellington, who are going to help you unleash your creativity to develop your own style, jazz things up a bit, and wow your partner or the crowd!

Who are the teachers?

Michael and Leo hail from Wellington, where they’ve been running the Full Swing dance studios for years, and swing dancing for even longer! They are fantastic teachers, who’ve taught all over NZ bringing their very own brand of fun, with a focus on connection and creativity, and we’re stoked to have them back in Christchurch as teachers and judges for the competitions this year! Leo is a hoofer from way back with over 20 years experience in dance and the firm belief that jazz dances are for everyone, that full body movement and killer rhythms are the way to go, and that creativity and improvisation are the best bits whether you’re a brand new dancer or an old pro! Michael was a martial artist who decided to give ballroom dancing a go to try to impress his girlfriend at the time. He jumped across the dance floor from ballroom to swing, and his energetic physical style makes for a heap of fun and the occasional chicken-dance flash mob!

Sarah and Jess
Sarah and Jess are our very own homegrown heroes – born as little baby lindy hoppers in Christchurch way back in the day, they’ve since danced and taught and performed all over the place, and we are super lucky to call them Rebels! They really are queens of swing dance performance, with their sweet moves, sharp styling, impeccable timing, and oodles of X-factor making them in hot demand for performances at any event you can think of. You won’t want to miss their class when they will sprinkle us with some of their magic showbiz fairy dust and help our dancing to really shine!