SISDC 2019 – Registration

Registrations are open now! Click this big beautiful green button to go to the registration form:
Registrations will be open until August 18th. It really helps with our planning if you can register as soon as you can, but if you decide to add events or don’t know who your partner will be when you first register just fill in the form as much as you can and email us later with any updates or changes. We’d rather just know that you’re coming!


Full Pass: $60 for all workshops, competition entry, and the Saturday Swingout Supreme dance.  Yes, you read that right!  Only $60 for all that!

Individual Workshops: $15 each (please indicate on registration which ones you would like to do – we reserve the right to put you on a waiting list if lead/follow ratios get unbalanced)

Saturday Swingout Supreme: $30 – and we will book a band if the numbers add up, so register early and you may have live music to dance to!  The Showcase category will be held during this evening

Competition entry: If you only want to compete (but why would you?) then it’s $10 and for this you can enter any and all categories that you desire – or just one.

Categories are: Showcase, Novice, Strictly Lindy, Lindy Hop Mix ‘n Match, Solo, Balboa, Blues, and Fast&Furious. Running all of these will depend on numbers of registrations and will be confirmed when registrations close. For any of the partnered categories if you don’t have a partner you are welcome to just let us know your role (lead/follow/either) and we will do our best to match you with someone if we can. See here for Competition Rules.

Spectators: Free.  Bring family and friends (first in, first seated) to show them how amazing swing dancing is and how much fun we have!