PCX 2019 – What

This here handy dandy webpage is your guide to all the fun you will have this PCX weekend! It’s got all the whats/whos/wheres/whens that you need to know to start getting super excited about all the fun stuff that we have in store for you!!

A note on themes: most events at PCX will have a theme associated with it – if you’re a costumey sort of person, go nuts with your outfits to suit (many people do!), but if you’re really more of a jeans and t-shirt type, not a fan of dressing up, or just haven’t yet found the perfect vintage outfit or outrageous dance shoes it’s cool to keep it casual! Or pick and choose – dress up for some events and down for others – it’s really just all about having fun, whatever that looks like: if it’s danceable it’s wearable!

It’s the 1920s and the jazz era is getting into full swing – just like PCX! Come along to meet new people and kick off the best event of the year with some hot swingin’ jazz.
Who: The RIVER CITY JAZZMEN are one of the finest bands in town!  Their signature Dixie-jazz style swing tunes are bound to get everyone’s toes tapping and feet moving!  
:    Fat Eddie’s Jazz and Blues Club, cnr Oxford Tce/Hereford St – the entrance is around the corner on Oxford Terrace: it’s upstairs
When:    Band: 8-10pm, why not join us beforehand from 7 pm to hang out and meet some new people over some pizza or orsum fries or other food at Fat Eddie’s!
Wear: You’re traveling back in time to the days where bars were literally underground, but the fashion was snazzy jazzy.  There were gangsters and molls, ordinary patrons and cops…
Entry Cost:      Free! But please help us support the bar (ask the Committee about borrowing an Oxford Club Card – you get a discount on drinks and Swingtown Rebels gets kudos from the bar).


What can you wear on your feet to dazzle the crowd (and still be able to dance!).  Or do you want to lift people’s gaze upwards and away from your battered but oh, so loved dancing shoes? Then choose something tropical up top!  This evening is in two legs (see what we did there?) and there just may be a surprise during the evening…


Where:    Brazilian Beatz, 407 Tuam St
When:      8pm   – 11pm; band starts 8.30pm
What:      You’re in for a treat!  Live music from Andrew Dickeson’s BLUE RHYTHM BAND, brought to you from Sydney, Australia by Swingtown Rebels specially for PCX.   These guys know what they’re doing and will keep you on your fancy feet all night long!
Wear: We’re in Brazil and it’s Carnival – think bright colours, fancy headwear, feathers, exuberant street party – but if that’s not your style then shine up a pair of fancy footwear to work your magic on the dance floor.
Entry Cost:      $40 (includes Leg 2) or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass  and Family Pass (one person)


Where:    Continuing at Brazilian Beatz.
When:      11pm – late/early
Who: Some of the fantastic DJs from our scene!
What:     We continue at Brazilian Beatz with the die-hard group of enthusiasts who no doubt will encourage you to dance until your drop!   
Clothes. And shoes.
Food/drink:  BYO drinks and food, some nibbles provided


We’re hanging out in town during the day, and head to two different venues in the evening.  Three events in one day: an afternoon dance, an epic evening dance, and a memorable late night “do” … can this get much better?!


What:     Join us for a unique swing experience at Turanga, a building that many now consider to be the beating heart of Christchurch city!  The authors of this event will lead you to a place where there are more than enough inspirational tomes to choose from.  If you have young family members (or are a child at heart) head over to Margaret Mahy playground beforehand, get some lunch in one of the many bars and cafes, and/or indulge in some sweet delights at Rollickin’ Gelato in New Regent Street – an institution in Christchurch, because we know our sugar!    At the library the band will be in full swing for our dancing pleasure in the TSB space on the first floor, whilst any family members may enjoy reading books or playing at the lego Imagination Station right outside!
:   Turanga (Central Library), TSB Space, Level 1, 60 Cathedral Square
Who: Our Australian guest band Andrew Dickeson’s BLUE RHYTHM BAND will play more sweet tunes to dance to. 
When:      From 11am at the Margaret Mahy Playground, from 1pm in the library; band playing 1.30pm-4pm
Wear:  Think books and movies where one character appealed to you for all the right or wrong reasons – it’s like book wee, but for grown ups!!  The floor may be a bit less slidey than in some other venues, so bear this in mind with your footwear choice.
Entry Cost:      $30 or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass  and Family Pass. Non-dancing spectators $10, kids free.


We’re going on a trip!  To Mt Pleasant Community Centre, a very pleasant place across the road from the water.   We will stay up past our bedtime, because we will dance on and on…

Where:    Mt Pleasant Community Centre, 3 McCormack’s Bay Road
When:     8pm – 11pm; band starts 8.30pm
Who:      Yet another epic dance, with live music provided by Andrew Dickeson’s BLUE RYTHM BAND – the energy these guys project is awesome and we guarantee you won’t be sitting still for long when they start playing.
Wear: Get your gladdest of glad rags out of the wardrobe, because this is your chance to strut your stuff and glam up (if you choose).
Food/drink:   Some light nibbles provided, BYO drinks.
Entry Cost:     $30 or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass or Family Pass (one person)


We mosey down to our late night venue, and keep the feet moving and the swingouts coming.  There may be a few more bluesy tunes mixed with the lindy, but no less dancey goodness…

Where:    Brazillian Beatz, 407 Tuam St
When:     11.30pm – late (or early…)
What:      There’ll probably be a band (details to come), there may be DJs, but what there most certainly will be is swing music!
Food/drink:   We will have our own personal food truck rocking up to the venue so you can get the carbs to fuel you into the night.  Please support the food truck, which is making a special appearance just for us. Volunteers at PCX will get a voucher for the food trucks to help with the fueling up process! BYO drinks.
Wear: Comfy clothes.  And shoes.
Entry Cost:     $30 or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass or Family Pass (one person).


Ah yes, the now-traditional PCX sandy fun.  Just because it’s the last day of the event doesn’t mean we’re slowing down!  We’re at the beach, but not washed up!  Again a day with multiple events, all memorable in their own way.


Family afternoon at the beach!  For those that are into kickball (the best combination of baseball, soccer and jazz!), do we have the event for you! And for those who aren’t – you can be the enthusiastic supporters cheering from the sidelines.  The whole family including dogs (and cats if they can be bothered) and everyone welcome.  Dress appropriately for the weather and remember to slip, slop, slap and wrap!

Where:    North New Brighton Beach, in front of the North New Brighton Community Centre (aka North New Brighton War Memorial Hall), 88 Marine Parade.
When:     12 noon – 1pm
What:      The infamous PCX Kickball Event accompanied by some swingin’ DJ tunes, with plenty of scope for everyone to either join in or just watch the shenanigans.   Sandcastle building may be a good option for those not into kickin’ a ball around in jazzy style.     
Day at the beach attire – beach sports, life savers, sun bathing, family picnic (but don’t forget your dance shoes for the dancing part of the festivities!
Food/drink:   BYO – or…


1pm – If all this dancing has made you hungry, look no further!  If you’ve indicated on your registration that you want to join us for FISH & CHIPS then here it is!  (If not then head out and catch your own… ) The classic kiwi feed – if the weather’s good we’ll be out on the beach, if it’s raining we’ll see if we can shelter in the Community Centre which is available from 1.30pm, and eat fish and chips!


BEACHSIDE BEAUTIES AT BRIGHTON  group beach dancing vintage

We continue our dancing journey with an afternoon dance.  Shake the sand out of your shoes and dance, dance, dance!

Where:    North New Brighton Community Centre (aka North New Brighton War Memorial Hall), 88 Marine Parade, upstairs inside and on balcony if weather allows
When:     2pm – 5 pm; band plays from 2.30pm
Who:      This is your last chance to dance to the sweet tunes of Andrew Dickeson’s BLUE RHYTHM BAND, so get shufflin’ and swingin’!
Entry Cost:    $30 or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass and Family Pass, $5 non-dancing spectators, kids free


With the setting sun there’s still no end to the fun – some would say that’s when the real fun starts!

Where:    YMCA Papa Hou, L1 – 12 Hereford Street
When:     7pm – 11.30pm; band starts 8.30pm
Who: Often voted the highlight of people’s PCX – the PCX JAMMERS! Hiding in our ranks are some very talented people – and every year they blow us away with their music!  The configuration changes from year to year, but the result is always the same:  local dancers making music for dancers is something not to be missed!
Entry Cost:     $30 or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass or Family Pass (one person).
Food/drink:   Grab some dinner before the dance, but don’t forget to save room for some icecream at the late night. Bar availability at the venue tbc.
Wear: Village People/80s dress up


PCX traditional end-of-event icecream sundae night! Here’s where the magic really happens. Come and eat yummy icecream and get all the last dances in that you can for this year’s PCX! Wear whatever you have left that’s still clean(ish) and comfy to dance in!

Where:    Brazillian Beatz, 407 Tuam St
When:     11pm – late
What:      Late night dancing and icecream – heaven on a stick!  Our DJ’s will find the right tunes to keep you dancing and the icecream will keep you going ’till the sweet end of this year’s PCX!
Entry Cost:     $15 or included in Full Pass, Starter Pass or Family Pass (one person)
Food/drink:   Icecream and toppings !!!  BYO drinks.
Wear: Whatever. Clothes and shoes encouraged.

Click here to go to the registration page, and find out details of pass options.

If you are lost or confused over the weekend, feel free to contact Alicia on 021 0444 277, or ask one of the Christchurch locals to point you to one of the wonderful organising committee (Shona, Nathan, Sandra, Liz, or Caroline).