Welcome to Swingtown Rebels!  We are a fun community of dancers in Christchurch who teach, perform and social dance an array of swing dance styles from the 1920s, 30s and 40s including Lindy hop, Blues, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Charlestons, Burlesque and  jazz-style strolls.

Current COVID update

Updated 7th December 2021

The South Island’s current COVID status is the traffic light framework level ORANGE. This is based around trying to reduce the spread of covid as much as possible via the use of vaccine passes, contact tracing and social distancing/masking where appropriate, but also to facilitate the resumption of relatively normal life within those constraints. The government guidelines are very clear about what we can and can’t do, as a dance group we fit within the areas of events/close contact businesses/gyms and recreational facilities.

Red level – no partner dancing for us. If it looks like we will be in red for an extended period we may see about resuming some more solo classes, where social distancing is able to be used.

Green and orange level – we can operate partner dancing classes and socials largely as normal, subject to the following rules:
– Please don’t come if you have any cold or flu symptoms
– Vaccination certificates required
– Scanning the Covid tracer app
– Name and email address will also be collected for ease of communication if needed
– Masks are to be worn while dancing and/or on or adjacent to the dance floor*
– If you test positive for COVID within ten days of attending a Swingtown event please let us know as soon as possible (your privacy will be respected)

Please respect that everyone has different levels of comfort dancing in this scenario, so be aware some people may be keen to keep their group of close contacts limited. While we always encourage people to be welcoming, turning down dances is always ok regardless of the reason, and there may be more likelihood of this at the moment. Please be kind whichever side of this scenario you end up on! 

We will continue to monitor the situation in our community and be responsive – we want to both operate in accordance with the Government rules and do our best to keep our dance community safe and inclusive. But we are keen to get dancing with you all again too!!  

*A note on masks – we know that under the traffic light green and orange rules masks are encouraged rather than required for vaccinated events like these, so some of you may be not a fan of us requiring them at this stage. Please don’t let it put you off coming! Remember you can pop outside and take it off (away from others) for a breather any time you need. We are trying to balance everyone’s comfort levels, and provide the most safe and welcoming environment that we can, and masks have been shown to clearly reduce the risk of spreading Covid. We know that there are some people who will be hesitant to come out to a social dancing environment if masks are not worn, and we want to see those people out too. We have been keeping an eye on how things are running in the swing scenes in other countries around the world and masks/vaccination combos are quite commonly being implemented and people still have fun! It’s early days, and especially given the short notice of this event, we’d rather start with the safest approach and consider easing this later with feedback from the Swingtown community – so if you have thoughts, concerns, ideas please get in touch with us!  

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