Lounge Blues 2020 – 14th -16th February

Lounge Blues is a one off blues event held in Christchurch NZ.
There will be 2 days of mindblowing classes and 3 late night house party social dances – blues the night away!
Classes assume a good understanding of the basics and will be aimed at intermediate and above dancers.
Cost:  TBC but beware!  Numbers will be limited due to venue size restrictions, so once registrations open, be in quick to secure your spot!
Registrations are scheduled to open on 11 November 2019 !! 
Friday 14 February
Evening:  8pm – 2am House Party social dancing – venue TBC
Saturday 15 February 
Daytime: Classes with a range of amazing blues teachers from across NZ and Australia
Evening:  8pm – 4am House party social dancing with a main room and a party room – venue TBC.
Sunday 16 February
Daytime: More classes with a range of amazing blues teachers from across NZ and Australia
Evening: 8pm – 2am House party social dancing – venue TBC
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The line up of announced teachers (and we’re so excited!)  to show us some sweet moves is as follows:
Noni Healy (Melbourne)

Noni started dancing lindy hop as a teenager in 1999/2000 and fell in love with blues as soon she found it! Noni started teaching in 2003 and toured America teaching blues with Solomon in the years following and worked with many other international teachers.

She is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected blues dance teachers. Noni proudly established the Melbourne’s weekly blues dance classes, pivotal in building the largest blues community in Australia and the event organiser of the largest blues dancing festival, Blues Before Sunrise.

Noni currently teaches regular workshops, teacher training and performs with Australia’s premier swing dance troupe, Echoes of Harlem.

When Noni isn’t dancing she is with her two kids, creating artwork and stilt walking.

Chris Gasparidis (Melbourne)

Chris was dragged to his first dance class, almost kicking and screaming, by his new wife, Chloe, on their cruise ship honeymoon.  Instantly enjoying every moment of it, Chris soon found his way into some local dance classes. Since then he’s had an unwavering pursuit of dance perfection for the last 7 years.

Dabbling in styles in and out of the swing umbrella, Chris strongly fav
ours Blues and Lindy Hop. With a strong focus on connection with both partner and music, Chris enjoys highlighting the music and elements of the music in ways that always surprise and delight. Chris regularly teaches Lindy Hop and Blues, loving the opportunity to share his love for these styles.


Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca is a Blues dancer and teacher originally based in Dunedin. She recently returned from a four month dance extravaganza throughout the USA and Europe which provided her with the opportunity to attend teacher training, local events, and international workshops. Rebecca enjoys dancing to a wide range of Blues music styles, exploring different aesthetics, idioms and techniques. She is passionate about personal expression and musicality in partnership. Rebecca also loves to delve into the history of Blues dance and share this knowledge so that others can be inspired by the rich cultural context surrounding Blues dance.

Shieva Norusian

Shieva has been dancing Lindy Hop, Balboa, Authentic Jazz and Blues for many years, with a particular passion for Solo Blues. She’s known for her fluid style and quality of movement.

Based in Wellington, she teaches regularly when she’s at home, but has also taught in Melbourne, NYC and in Europe. She’s also competed extensively around Europe, placing in and winning several partnered and solo blues comps.  

She loves sharing her ideas and her passion for music and dance with others. Her classes tend to be fun, but also challenging, as she loves to push herself and her students.


Sibby Dillon

Sibby is the epitome of musicality and refinement. She discovered Lindy Hop in 2016 and has found a true passion for it! It wasn’t long after that she was introduced to Blues dance on the social dance floor. All of the Swing era dance styles have really resonated with Sibby’s sense of humour and joy for life. She loves spending time refining her dance and the rest of the time passing on her passion for it.

Dance and performance have always been a big part of her life – she even taught Jazz ballet for several years. Bringing together her musicality, dance experience and a sense of fun, Sibby’s ready to introduce you to a world of hilarity and happiness through lindy and the smooth sultry shapes of Blues!