Upcoming dates for classes and socials:

Every Wednesday upstairs at the Pegasus Arms, 14 Oxford Terrace, from 8:30 pm.
All welcome, dancers, non dancers, friends and family. Free entry, just please help us to support the bar and buy a drink or two and maybe some yummy food.

BAND NIGHT on the 8th July! Make a special effort to swing by this night, as not much beats having a live band to swing out to. PLUS Free attendance at the class beforehand for new dancers (see details below), so why not give it a go!

New set of classes: Starting 8th July!!
-We will be kicking off a new set of our regular classes, with something for all levels! Due to the recent interruptions we’ve had to rejig things a little with some slight changes to class structures, timing and pricing.

The timetable is here: 

New things: 
– Different lengths for the sets.
– Level 1 is 8 weeks, and over two sets of level 1 you will get an intro to all the different footwork patterns and common swing dances you will encounter on the social floor here – to help you get up and dancing faster!
– Level 2 intro is a short two week set that you can attend if you are on your second or more level 1 class – it’s designed to be a bit smaller and a chance to get some personal feedback on if you’re ready to move to level 2 next set/what you should work on.
– Level 2+ will be 6 weeks long, and have a slightly larger range of levels, but dancing with people with more and less experience than you do is really the best way to become an awesome social dancer that everyone wants to dance with, so let’s see this as a feature!!
– Routine classes and level 3 sets will be held at Elim, as well as higher levels of blues and balboa classes.
– The blues and balboa classes are optional as you can just do a 6 week set instead of an 8 week set and miss those, but we encourage everyone to sign up for the whole 8 weeks (it’s only $5 a week extra for the next two weeks) as these swing-era styles are such a great complement to your lindy hop, plus super fun in their own right and will and allow you to take on anything the social dance floor might throw at you!
– And as always if you’re doing a higher level class we encourage you to attend the lower level classes as a recap!

8 weeks set $85 ($70 Gold card/student discount)
6 weeks set (excludes blues/balboa classes) $75 ($60 Gold card/student discount)
NEW DANCERS FIRST CLASS FREE – so if you are keen to come back in week 2 then it’s $75 for the rest of the 7 week set
Drop in class:$15 ($10 Gold card/student discount)

Swingtown’s Covid Rules for Level 1 (updated 9/06/20)
By attending our classes or socials you agree to follow these rules. They will be subject to change as government guidelines are altered, but will be clearly communicated when you register.

1) Don’t come if you’re sick!
If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms (such as a cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing or runny nose, loss of smell etc) please DO NOT ATTEND CLASS. Get in touch with us to discuss a full or partial credit for classes that you miss for sickness reasons.

2) Contact details are no longer required but we encourage you to scan the QR code
Pre-registration is no longer required, but we encourage you to use the NZ Covid Ap and scan the COVID19 QR code poster on the door at classes to help with digital contact tracing should that ever be required.

3) Online payment encouraged but EFTPOS/Cash available at the door
To streamline the registration process we encourage you to pay online in advance but you can also pay via EFTPOS or cash at the door.

4) Pay attention to hygiene
There will be hand sanitiser at the door, and hand washing facilities available in the bathrooms. Please ensure you utilise these frequently.