PCX2019 – Music

Andrew Dickeson’s Blue Rhythm Band

Headlining at this year’s Pocket Change Exchange, playing multiple gigs for us, all the way from Sydney Australia, is the acclaimed Blue Rhythm Band!

Who is this band?!?!?
Andrew Dickeson’s “Blue Rhythm Band” is a band 
for dancers. They do what Basie did – they play 4 solid beats to the bar – and no cheating!

Australian lindy hoppers were looking for a band leader with one foot firmly in the Savoy Ballroom, and the other setting down a rock-solid beat. Andrew had a group of musicians who wanted to play for audiences who could dig what they were doing.

The Blue Rhythm Band is a swinging dance band – playing music created by jazz musicians for the ultimate jazz fans – dancers! Drawing upon the tradition of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Jimmy Lunceford and others – this band is the “real deal” for swing music.

The Blue Rhythm Band has impressed dancers at MLX, SLX, the Little Big Weekend, Jazz with Ramona, the Small Ball, Canberrang, Jumptown Jam, Jazz BANG etc – and is now, without a doubt, Australia’s most popular and in-demand band for swing dancers.

The Blue Rhythm Band is a rock-solid small band built from the rhythm section out – piano, bass and drums operating as a finely tuned unit. Add some sublime saxophone, clarinet and vocals, and you’ve got the cooking 4-piece band that has been “swinging dancers into bad health – then back again” in recent years.

THE RHYTHM SECTION: The most important part of any dance band -a swingin’ drummer who knows when to push and when to step back, a “cooking” bass player, and a pianist who can provide beautiful rhythm and melody. Drums – Mr Andrew Dickeson, Piano – Mr Peter Locke, Bass – Mr Ashley Turner

THE FRONT LINE: If the rhythm section is the engine that drives the band, the horns are the colour and light. Mr Brad Child’s soulful and energetic presence in the front row on sax and clarinet, as well as vocals, makes it clear that a great dance band needs to match rhythm with joyous melody.

More bands to be announced soon…