PCX 2017 Events

Details for all the events at PCX can be found here, check out all the fun stuff we’ve got in store for you!!  There will be Event Schedules at the door so you can keep track of all that’s going on.

A note on themes: each event at PCX will have a theme associated with it – if you’re a costumey sort of person, go nuts with your outfits to suit (many people do!), but if you’re really more of a jeans and t-shirt type, not a fan of dressing up, or just haven’t yet found the perfect seamonster costume, it’s cool to keep it casual! Or pick and choose – dress up for some events and down for others – it’s really just all about having fun, whatever that looks like: if it’s danceable it’s wearable!

desert island clothes

:    Winnie Bagoes, Cnr Madras/Allen St, Christchurch
When:      8.15pm   – 10.30pm
What:      To start off PCX we have the famous SIDELINE SWING BIG BAND playing for us.  They will belt out swing tunes to get everyone’s toes tapping and feet moving!   
Entry Cost:      Free!
Food/drink:  Come and join us earlier and have some of Winnie Bagoes’ famous pizza!  If you’re not able to make it for dinner, please support the bar.  This is a free event, but with a live band!!
Dress code:  You’re castaway on the Pocket Change Island with Tom, Dick and Harry …. what WOULD you wear?


We are sailing! Think white and light colours, navy blue, elegant daytime wear, boating blazers, summer dresses, and hats, or maybe even sailing attire!   But also maybe bring something warm for the outdoor parts of the evening!

Tonight, there are three events in a row (see what we did there?)


Where:    Cathedral Square Food TrucksDSC_0387_smaller
When:      6pm   – 8pm
What:      Food Truck Dance!  Join the crowd at Cathedral Square and dance to the swing music artfully selected by our DJ’s!   The ground is paving stone, so wear shoes that can deal with this outdoor setting.  The dancing will warm you up quickly, but bring a jacket for the start, for when you’re browsing the food trucks, and for when you’re moving between venues.
Entry Cost:      Free!
Food/drink:  Enjoy a variety of food and drinks from the large group of food trucks present – there’s something for everyone.  Amazing food for omnivores, carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, sugar-only … whatever you may want, you can probably buy it here.
Note: If it’s wet check in on the PCX facebook page – there’ll still be food trucks in the rain to charge up the batteries before the next dance, but for safety reasons we can’t dance in the rain.


Where:    Brazilian Beatz, 407 Tuam St
When:      8pm   – 11pm
What:      You’re in for a treat!  Live music from Christchurch’s amazing ALL GIRL BIG BAND.   These gals are incredible performers with a large and varied repertoire – more than enough to keep you on your feet all night long!
Entry Cost:      $25 or included in full pass


Where:    Continuing at Brazilian Beatz.party
When:      11pm – late/early
What:     We continue at Brazilian Beatz with the die-hard group of enthusiasts who no doubt wlll encourage you to dance until your drop!    
Entry Cost:      Included in pass/venue entry for Brazilian Beatz.
Food/drink:  some nibbles provided



We’re heading out into the Big Blue Yonder today!  Again three events in one day:  an afternoon dance, an epic evening dance, and a memorable late night “do” … can this get much better?!


Think summery holiday clothes –  unless you want to be a performercruisin on the cruise ship? Then go in style!

Where:   Preserved Cafe, 2i Waipapa Ave, Diamond Harbour
When:      Afternoon, 1-3:30 pm
What:      The cruise management will lead you to a venue where the cruisin’ spirit will shine.
It’s a cruise, so we get there on a boat! (You can drive around if you want). Diamond Harbour ferry sails from Lyttleton, so head on over across the harbour (schedule is here: https://www.blackcat.co.nz/diamond-harbour-ferry/schedule-and-prices)
Upon arrival in the foreign port, a short stroll up the hill will lead you to Preserved Cafe, where the most lovely DEVILISH MARY AND THE HOLY ROLLERS will be spinning some tunes for us! There’s also a full bar to keep you hydrated, cafe food from the cabinet or a menu, icecreams, and (hopefully) sunshine, as we spill out onto the pavement. 
Entry Cost:      FREE
Food/drink:   At own cost. Note that our numbers can be a little overwhelming for the cafe staff who have a pretty chilled out approach, so expect to wait a while for your food – or maybe come early and get your worms before the crowds arrive! (aka don’t be starving hungry when you get here!)


We’re going under!  Under the sea, that is.  Sea creatures, seamonsters, mermaids, mermen or any other denizens of the underwater world – unite and dance the night away. And we won’t need Poseidon’s Trident to break the spell at the end, because the magic will continue…

under the seaWhere:    North New Brighton Community Centre, 88 Marine Parade
When:     8pm – 11pm
What:      Yet another epic dance, with live music provided by the RIVER CITY JAZZMEN – the energy these guys project is awesome and we guarantee you won’t be sitting still for long when they start playing.
Entry Cost:     Included in pass or $35 at the door.
Food/drink:   Some light nibbles provided, BYO drinks.


We start to think about bluesing our way into the late night – undersea inhabitants welcome, or perhaps you take the colour blue as your inspiration tonight.

deep seaWhere:    Hagley College , 510 Hagley Ave
When:     11.30pm – late
What:      DEVILISH MARY AND THE HOLY ROLLERS appear for the second time today! Bringing just for us, a bluesey blues set, with enough lindy mixed in to keep the incurable lindy hoppers happy! This is the late night event that’s not to be missed.
Entry Cost:     Included in pass or $20 at the door.
Food/drink:   We will have our own personal food truck rocking up to the venue so you can get the carbs to fuel you into the night.  Please support the food truck, which is making a special appearance just for us. Volunteers at PCX will get a voucher for the food trucks to help with the fueling up process! BYO drinks.



Just because it’s the last day of the event doesn’t mean we’re slowing down!  We’re at the beach, but not washed up!  Again a day with multiple events, all memorable in their own way. For costume ideas think beach sports, life savers, sun bathing, family picnic (you’re even encouraged to bring children and dogs along as props to the kickball part of the afternoon!)

KICKBALL  beach ball

Family afternoon at the beach!  And for those that aren’t into kickball (the best combination of baseball, soccer and jazz!), a sandcastle building contest may be occurring, with judging at 2:30 pm.  Dress appropriately for the weather and remember to slip, slop, slap and wrap!

Where:    Sumner Beach, outside the surf life saving club.
When:     1pm – 2.30pm
What:      The infamous PCX Kickball Event accompanied by some swingin’ tunes, with plenty of scope for everyone to either join in or just watch the shenanigans.   Sandcastle building may be a good option for those not into kickin’ a ball around in jazzy style.      
Entry Cost:     Free!
Food/drink:   BYO picnic

DANCING AT THE BEACH  group beach dancing vintage

We continue our dancing journey with an afternoon dance.  Shake the sand out of your shoes and dance, dance, dance!

Where:    Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club, Sumner beach.
When:     3pm – 5.30pm
What:      When you close your eyes, you can’t believe LI’L CHUCK THE ONE MAN SKIFFLE MACHINE is not an entire band!  Well known and becoming an internet sensation, this man will make it hard to sit still even after an energetic early afternoon.
Entry Cost:     Included in pass or $15 at the door

fncIf all this dancing has made you hungry, look no further!  If you’ve indicated on your registration that you want to join us for FISH & CHIPS then here it is!  (If not then head out and catch your own… ) The classic kiwi feed – if the weather’s good we’ll be out on the beach, if it’s raining we’ll stay in the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club and eat fish and chips!


With the setting sun there’s still no end to the fun – some would say that’s when the real fun starts!  For attire inspiration think full moon party, bonfire at the beach, luau, etc …

beach partyWhere:    Mt Pleasant Community Hall
When:     8pm – 10.45pm sharp
What:      Ah, the recurring favourites are doing it again!  Every year our very own PCX JAMMERS blow us away with their music!  The configuration changes from year to year, but the result is always the same:  local dancers making music for dancers is something not to be missed!
Entry Cost:     Included in pass or $25 at the door
Food/drink:   You’ll have just had your fill of fish and chips, and there’s icecream to come later, so if you need more than that you should bring something to nibble on, and as always bring your favourite refreshments.


icecreamPCX traditional end-of-event icecream sundae night, this year on a Sunday! Here’s where the magic really happens! Come and eat yummy icecream and get all the last dances in that you can for this year’s PCX! Wear whatever you have left that’s still clean and comfy to dance in!

Where:    Brazillian Beatz, 407 Tuam St
When:     11pm – late
What:      Late night dancing and icecream – heaven on a stick!  Our DJ’s will find the right tunes to keep you dancing and the icecream will keep you going ’till the sweet end of this year’s PCX!
Entry Cost:     Included in pass or $15 at the door
Food/drink:   Icecream and toppings !!!  BYO drinks.

Click here to go to the registration page, and find out details of pass options.

If you are lost or confused over the weekend, feel free to contact Alicia on 021 0444 277, or ask one of the Christchurch locals to point you to one of the wonderful organising committee (Angela, Shona, Nathan, Sandra or Beth).