Pocket Change Exchange 2017 – Thurs 21st -Sunday 24th September

There will sadly be no PCX 2018, but PCX 2019 details are coming soon, and it’s going to be epic! 


Life's A Beach!

Join us for the highlight of the Swingtown Rebels year – the epic Pocket Change Exchange (PCX). This year we’re celebrating that LIFE’S A BEACH !!

If you’ve been before you will know there’s a lot of things to love about PCX, and if you’ve never been, you’re in for a treat!  

– No less than 11 events spread over 4 nights and 2 days, at a range of exciting venues all over Christchurch.

– It’s ALL social only swing dancing (no need to wake up early for classes means you can dance as long as your body will let you!)

– Heaps of live music, awesome DJ’s, epic late nights, good friends, icecream sundaes, and just generally dancing until you just can’t dance anymore!!!

– and great news is that it’s called Pocket Change Exchange because it’s so cheap!

Popular with both locals, and out-of-towners/out-of-countriers, you’re bound to make new friends, reconnect with good mates, and have a blast.

Get all the info here:

We are committed to running safe and fun events for everyone involved, so PCX, as for any other Swingtown Rebels exchange, classes, social dances or get together, requires you to abide by the Swingtown Rebels Community Guidelines. Please check these out before coming to the event, and remember – it’s up to ALL of us to look out for each other and keep yourselves and others safe, and it sure makes for the best event when everyone having fun is a priority! What’s the most important rule? “Don’t be an egg!”

Registration is now OPEN for this event, so pop on over to the rego page and get signed up!