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Next 3 week set of medley classes, starting 27th February!
6:30 pm

My Baby Can Dance  Solo Routine class – open level. Come and learn this fun solo routine so you can join in when the song comes on!
Choreographed partner routine
– A very simple lindy hop routine aimed at an upcoming performance but keeping it simple will allow us to polish it right up tight! Aimed at the performers for this event but open to others level 2 and up who want to learn it too.

7:30 pm
Level 1 Blues Open to everyone, come along and get started with some key blues fundamentals and techniques so you know what to do when the music gets slow! Blues is super fun and well worth learning in itself or to help improve your dancing generally.
Level 2 Balboa Let’s keep the Christchurch Balboa train chugging along in 2019 – calling all level 2 balboa dancers to come along and learn some sweet moves to add to your repertoire. 

Free beginner taster class and band night! 20th March

7:30 pm Free taster class, all welcome, no partner, experience, or pre-registration required! Also has some different moves to the level 1 and 2 syllabus so worth coming along for fun, to help new people get a good taste of swing dancing, and as a nice warm up for…
8:30 pm BAND NIGHT WITH 3KG! Free entry! Live music! Fun times!

Next set of 5 week lindy hop classes – 27th March

All four levels running (Level 2 Intro and Level 3 at 6:30 pm, and Level 1 and Level 2+ at 7:30 pm) – if you’re not sure what level you should be in check in with your teachers or the door peeps at class, or email us at


EVERY WEDNESDAY Woolston Club, 8:30-10:30 pm for our main Swingtown Rebels social dance

Aikman’s Sunday Socials – usually fourth Sunday of the month (24th February, 24th March) 7-9 pm Aikman’s Pizzeria and Bar, 154 Aikman’s Rd, Merivale.  Come along for some social dancing lindy hop as a fun finish to your weekend!

Bal and Blues Hop – usually third Sunday of the month (17th March) 7-9 pm at the Twisted Hop on Ferry Rd – come along and get your fix on of slow and fast with Christchurch’s bal and blues crew.

Friday Food trucks dancing – usually second Friday of the month (8th March) – 6-8 pm in Cathedral Square. Al fresco dancing (with bonus tasty food!)

Christchurch Blues Foundation social (not an official Swingtown Rebels event but good fun for the blues afficianados amongst you). First Sunday of the month from 7-9pm at The Halo Club – Great bands + great dance floor = the ultimate blues bomb opportunity!

Swingtown Rebels Wednesday classes run on a format of alternating a five week set of lindy hop classes (at levels 1, 2Intro,2+, and 3), with a three week set of classes in other swing styles. Check out styles and levels info here, and s
ee above for upcoming dates and styles.

The swing era had a large range of different dance styles, including lindy hop, blues, balboa, solo Charleston, shag, and many more. These styles are both excellent fun in their own rights, or to incorporate into your lindy hop. A basic understanding of other styles will make you a better, more versatile dancer, and they’re just fun, so we’re hoping everyone gets a taste for them!