Tips for Dancers

A few tips for classes and social dancing from those of us that have been in the game awhile!

Social dancing…

Once you are ready for the social dance scene there’s a few things it’s good to know!
1. Asking for a dance – Words are our friend!
When you want to dance with someone, just wander over and ask them! It can be easy for regular dancers to get caught up dancing with people they already know, but are really happy to dance with new people, so you might need to go say hi.

2. If you’re planning a long night of dancing, its common to bring a spare shirt in case that fast song makes yours a little soggy!

3. When you’re dancing with people you don’t usually dance with, it takes awhile to get in the groove… so sometimes it’s nice to ask for a second dance! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner – we’ve all been there! If you aren’t sure, just tell your partner what you’ve done in class recently so they can help focus on the same sorts of things with you.

The girls take on hagley park

Tips for classes
It’s always a little scary to come along and try new things so here is a few tips to help you get through classes!

1. Wear things easy to move in and if your planning a long night of dancing bring a spare shirt.
2. Like any sport it’s great to keep hydrated so bring along a water bottle.
3. Try keeping a notebook with the moves you have learnt…it is easy to forget things that we don’t use on a regular basis!
4. Taking the class a level below you is always a good idea as there is always something new you can pick up off a new set of teachers, and you will be helping out those in the class to know what things should feel like.

Want to practice Lindy hop at home?
Here are a few good beginner songs to get you started with your Lindy hop. Often you can buy these songs off itunes or find good CDs cheap at the Warehouse.

Fine Brown FrameEsther and Xavi in Cathedral Square
Four or Five Times
C Jam Blues
On Revival Day
Milk and Water
Drop me off in Harlem
Wade in the Water
Evil Gal Blues
Accentuate the Positive
New York on Sunday
Easy Does It
Woke Up Clipped
Down Down Down
One Burbon, One Scotch One Beer
Roll with my Baby

Or Mr Daniel Collins has kindly put together a Spotify playlist that is shared publicly, so if you use spotify check out this list as a good starting point for beginner friendly swing music!

Want to practise Blues at home?
Here are a few good beginner blues songs to get you grooving at home.
Backlash Blues – Nina Simone
misery and the blues – maria muldaur
Ain’t no Sunshine –
Do I move you – Nina Simone
I put a spell on you
Lovesong- Adele
Sinkin Soon – Nora Jones
Sugar in my bowl – Nina Simone
Old fashioned morphine- Jolie Holland
Spoonful – Howln’ Wolf
Black Angel blues – Robert Nighthawk

Christchurch swing bands

We’re lucky enough to have some wonderful bands in town – come to some of our events or a band night to dance to them, or check them out at other venues around the city (there’s nothing better than a good lindy bomb!!).

Paul and Annie at the DanceOMat

  • The Ellesmere Big Band
  • River City Jazzmen
  • Sideline Swing
  • Swing 42
  • Bella’s Boys
  • The Mike Bicker’s Boptet
  • Swing 42
  • L’il Chuck Little the One Man Skiffle Machine
  • Garden City Big Band