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New social dancing venue confirmed~ Join us at Winnie Bagoes!
153 Madras Street from 8:30-1030pm every Tuesday night, for great music, fun dancing, good company and yummy pizza!

Regular sets of other swing styles on Tuesdays
This year due to popular demand, we are trialling a new format of putting shorter blocks of workshops in other swing styles in between the lindy hop classes.  The swing era had a large range of different dance styles, including lindy hop, blues, balboa, solo Charleston, shag, and many more. These styles are both excellent fun in their own rights, or to incorporate into your lindy hop. A basic understanding of other styles will make you a better, more versatile dancer, so we’ve decided to start running three week sets following our lindy hop sets, to help everyone get a taste for them! See below for dates and styles. 

Pocket Change Exchange is happening!
This is the highlight of the Swingtown Rebels year – check out all the details HERE.  Perfect for everyone who likes swing dancing, no matter if you’re brand new or have been around for decades.  

3 week solo jazz and balboa sets – August 22nd – September 5th
6:30 pm Solo Jazz: for people who haven’t done any, or people who have but want to get better at the basics! Jess is the queen of solo jazz and she’ll be running a three week set that will give you an awesome grounding in some classic solo jazz moves!
7:30 pm Level 1.5 Balboa: for those who did the into balboa set last time, or those who have other balboa dancing experience at an intermediate level, Angela and Lindsay will help you learn more moves and solidify your basics.
Pre-registration for these classes can be done by emailing

FREE taster class! – September 5th, Hohepa Hall, 7:30 pm
All welcome, from absolute beginners/friends and family, to superstars. Note: the taster class starts after the solo jazz class finishes this night, so you can do both!

LIVE Band night!
We will have live musicians doing their thing down at Winnie Bagoes from 8:30-10:30 pm! Come along after the taster, or just go straight to the bar for a wonderful night of dancing (or watching) to the energy of a live band! All welcome including spectators, no door charge. Band details to be confirmed. 

New Lindy Hop classes start! – September 12th
A new five week set of lindy hop classes starts at Hohepa Hall – levels 1 (beginners) and 3 at 7:30 pm, level 2 at 6:30 pm. Registrations will be opening soon, but in the meantime if you’re keen email us at  The new 8 week routine class set will also start on September 12th!


Other upcoming fun
All upcoming socials, classes, events and general fun dancey times in Christchurch can be seen on our calendar.