CSF 2018 Teachers

This year we have some amazing teachers at CSF! The first couple to be announced are…. *drumroll please*

Loz Yee and Joel Kohn

Loz has been shaking her groove thing on some kind of dance
floor since she was about ten Lozjoel1years old. In 2003 she discovered swing dancing and fell well and truly in love with the Lindy Hop. Loz is known for her energy, playfulness and creativity on the social dance floor and with a passion for solo dance, she has also become an accomplished authentic jazz dancer and teacher. Loz loves sharing her love of this dance and has taught weekly classes since 2005, including weekly venues and performance troupes in Melbourne and London. She is also lucky to have taught workshops in lindy hop, jazz, charleston and aerials all over the world, from the humid climes of Malaysia through to the snowy winters of Norway. She is a member of Echoes of Harlem, one of Australia’s premier swing dance troupes, and has a few competition titles to her name including the Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize which she won with Joel Kohn in 2015. As a teacher, Loz wants to hear lots of laughter, see many a high five, and feel the buzz of a room full of students dancing in rhythm to the music.

lozjoel2Based in Melbourne, Joel Kohn began his swing dance career in 2005. Having trained as a jazz drummer for many years, Joel’s passion for the music is what lead him to dancing, and it continues to fuel his love of all things Jazz and Swing. Joel brings a fun, energetic and genuine personality to his dance classes and is known for being one of the busiest teachers in town. When not travelling around Australia to teach at Lindy Hop events, you’ll find him anchoring venues in Melbourne schools for both 1929 Studios and Swing Patrol. As a member of Echoes of Harlem, one of the most prestigious dance troupes in Australia, Joel regularly performs at events and festivals on the local calendar. He has also competed locally and around the world, with many awards to his name, such as winning the Australian Hellzapoppin’ Championship in 2015 with Loz Yee.


We are also super excited to announce that the next set of teachers for CSF this year are…

Jen Hale and Nick Kokay

Teaching in Christchurch for the first time, but certainly not dancing here for the first time, this Wellington duo have been regular attendees at our events, and fresh back from their attendance at the mecca of lindy hop, Herrang Dance Camp, we are excited to see them stamp their own brand of awesome on CSF as part of this year’s teaching line up!

nick and jen

Jen and Nick hail from Wellington, and have been dancing together ever since they met at university in 2012. Jen learnt to dance while studying at the Otago University, and was instrumental in running the scene in Dunedin for a fair number of years. Nick, meanwhile, learnt about swing dancing from his sister, and properly gave it a go while on exchange overseas.

Jen has a passion for a bit of everything (including attending the occasional hip hop class!) and is all about using her whole body to express herself: she definitely brings more than a little bit of sass and spunk to the dance floor!  As an ex-jazz musician, Nick is drawn to the big band jazz classics and has eyes only for lindy hop. You’ll probably find him jumping and stomping around the place, and being a bit cheeky.

Since moving to Wellington, Jen and Nick have been part of the core teaching crew for Full Swing and have taught a variety of levels and styles over the years. As teachers, they bring an interest in musicality and creativity, and encourage their students to think outside the box and take ownership of their style. Most of all, they aim to boost their students’ confidence and give them the space to try new things out.

Check back soon for more announcements of teachers for CSF 2018!!