End of Year Workshops 2016

Regular classes finish on the 22nd of November, which is WAAAY too early to finish dancing for the year, so we’ve come up with an exciting schedule of classes/workshops for the last 4 weeks of the year. Check it out, there should be something for everyone! We’ve got a focus on solo stuff, as there’s no better way to add some pizazz to your partner dancing than learning to move and groove on your own, but there’s also some pretty sweet lindy hop workshops too! Cheap-as classes so that we can get all the people coming to learn all the cool things 🙂

All classes are at Hohepa Hall, 23 Barrington St, register by email to swingtownrebels@gmail.com (preferred), or if you forget to register, just turn up on the night. Payment can be made by EFTPOS, cash or online banking.

29 November 7-8 pm Shim sham!
The shim sham is THE classic solo routine that swing dancers all over the world know. It’s super fun and groovy and not to be missed! Written by Frankie Manning, the “father” of swing dancing, make sure you get along and learn this from Carla and Jess, so you’re not left hanging on the outskirts when the music comes on 🙂$10, All levels welcome, including complete beginners
8:30 – 10:30 pm Band night at Cargo Bar!
Free entry for a great night of live music and swinging good times, to try out all the stuff you’ve learnt in the last set and just have fun! Spectators welcome. Please help us support the bar by buying a drink, or if you’re not doing the shim sham class why not come along early for a pizza.Free! Everyone in the world is welcome 🙂
6 December 6-7:30 pm “My baby can dance” routine class 1
My baby can dance is a very fun choreographed routine that was taught by the international teachers Ali and Katja (from Germany) and will be taught to you by the very awesome Rowena. Coming along to this class will be a wonderful way to kick start or boost your solo jazz skills, as you will learn lots of fun moves put to a ridiculously awesome song. It’s also a good intro to choreo – if you’ve seen the fun that our performance troupe has and want to get a bit involved this is a cool intro. Split over two weeks, so we can try get through it all! (You might remember seeing this performed at the end of level 2 a few weeks ago)$15 for 1 workshop, or sign up for both for just $20!  All levels welcome but if you’ve not done much solo before expect to be challenged 🙂
7:30 – 8:30 pm Stealing Jam class
So it’s someone’s birthday, or last night, or just for spontaneous fun… people start clapping, a circle forms, and then people start “stealing” into the dance in the middle of the circle… and you wanna be a part of it, but are too uncertain or intimidated to try?  We all know what that feels like, so we’ve made a workshop to come along and learn yourself the ins and outs and ups and downs of stealing jams! Angela and Row are the best at making everyone feel comfortable, confident and awesome. Highly recommended for everyone.$10 (or $5 if you did the Baby can Dance workshop). Aimed at Level 1 and 2 dancers, but all welcome!
13 December 6:30-7:30 pm Lead switching class
Leading and following are both such fun parts of swing dancing, why not try a bit of both! Becky and Sarah are the queens of lead switching and will take a fun class to share some of their awesomeness with us, yay! If you’re level 2 in one role and can lead or follow a handful of moves (or more!) in the other role, then  come along and learn how both people can contribute their ideas to the dance, have some fun, and expand your horizons! $10
7:30 – 8:30 pm “ Feeling the Blues” (Main Hall) – (beg + int blues dancers welcome)
When the music gets slower and bouncy charlestons are going to cut it, don’t be the one to have to sit it out…….let Melinda and Debi show you how to find that blues within you. Blues is a smooth and beautiful dance and so much fun. This workshop will cover the basics of flow and movement, a few moves but also teach you how to find that flow that makes a wonderful conversation on the dance floor. $10 (or $5 if you did the lead switching class!). Aimed at total beginners, or level 1 or 2 lindy hoppers. Min 3 couples needed to run workshop.
Jess’s Sweet’n’Hot inspired solo jazz workshop (kitchen)
Jess is winging her way back from Melbourne after Sweet and Hot to bring us the best of the workshops from all the hot shot international teachers right to us, how awesome of her! We don’t know what it’s going to be yet, but we know we don’t wanna miss it!$10 (or $5 if you did the lead switching class!). L2+ dancers, some solo jazz experience required (e.g. the baby can dance workshop last week perhaps, as a minimum…)
20 December 6-7:30 pm “My baby can dance” routine class 2 with Rowena!
After the first class two weeks ago you’ve had plenty of time to play with this, come along and learn the rest of this awesome solo routine! Or if you’ve done it in the past but are feeling a little forgetful and want to brush up, now’s your chance!$15 for 1 workshop, or sign up for both for just $20!  
7:30 – 8:30 pm Christmas Jazz!
Christmas jazz is pretty hard to explain… it’s funny, it’s silly, it’s jazzy and it’s very very Christmassy. Row and Carla will be taking us through what has become an annual tradition of the Swingtown Rebels, and a great way to finish the year!
Free! Everyone welcome!
8:30-10:30 pm Christmas party! At Cargo Bar
Extra special Christmas DJs and good times to finish off the year of dancing! Christmassy outfits encouraged 🙂
Free, but please help us support the bar. Friends family and pet reindeer welcome