All our classes are currently taught on Tuesday nights at Hohepa Hall, which is at 23 Barrington St (please park on the street). You do not need to bring a partner to any of our classes, as we rotate partners during class!

We teach 5 week sets of lindy hop/ swing dancing, at levels to suit everyone!

This year due to popular demand, we are trialling a new format of putting shorter blocks of workshops in other swing styles in between the lindy hop classes.  The swing era had a large range of different dance styles, including lindy hop, blues, balboa, solo Charleston, shag, and many more. These styles are both excellent fun in their own rights, or to incorporate into your lindy hop. A basic understanding of other styles will make you a better, more versatile dancer, so we’ve decided to start running three week sets following our lindy hop sets, to help everyone get a taste for them!

Upcoming classes!

Dates and details of what’s coming up soon can be found on the Latest News section on our home page to find out the dates for upcoming classes.

Taster classes are run approximately every 8 weeks, and are FREE! Come along, by yourself or with some friends, and give lindy hop a go before signing up to a set. If you already do our classes, come along anyway as the content is designed to fit in with our regular syllabus!

Regular lindy hop classes run in 5-week sets, usually starting the week after the taster class.

Other classes Will usually start the week after each set of lindy classes, unless events and exchanges cause a reshuffle.

Costs and Registration

Full 5-week lindy hop set  –  $50 ($40 students/goldcard)
Full 3-week set in other styles – $30 ($25 student/goldcard)
Drop in class – $15 ($10 students/goldcard)

Register for all classes by emailing

Payment is by EFTPOS at the first class, or by bank transfer to Swingtown Rebels (account number: 01-0797-0852621-00). If you pay online please include your name and the class you are attending as reference for any payment you make.


Lindy hop classes
Level 1 
– 7:30 – 8:30 pm Main Hohepa Hall
      Level 2 – 6:30 – 7:30 pm Main Hohepa Hall
      Level 3 – 7:30 – 8:30 pm Hohpea Kitchen Hall
      Routine class – 6:30 – 7:30 pm Kitchen

Other styles
All in the Main Hohepa Hall -> see Latest News for details of what styles are 6:30 or 7:30 pm


Not sure what level you should be in? Read the descriptions below:

Level 1 (Beginners) Lindy hop
Absolutely no experience necessary! Come learn the basics of this fun dance style and we’ll have you up on the floor in no time. Lots of people are worried about their “two left feet” but if you can walk you can dance and maybe even if you can’t walk! Your teachers will break down the steps in an easy to learn format, and have you social dancing to a range of speeds by the end of the 5 weeks! A great way to meet new people and keep yourself active!

Our beginners classes are in two 5-week sets – A and B. These include some different material and some repeated, in order to ensure everyone gets a solid grounding in all the fundamental footwork styles for lindy hop (6-count, 8-count and Charleston). We require people to do both sets before moving up to level 2, but you’re welcome to repeat them as many times as you like if you are still building your confidence. We also encourage you to start coming social dancing – it really is the best way to get better (even if it is a bit scary at first!).

Level 2 Lindy hop
This level caters to those who have developed a good understanding of the basic techniques and moves taught in Lindy 1 and are able to comfortably social dance with a range of people to a range of swing music types and speeds!

There are six 5-week sets in our level 2 syllabus (8-count A, B and C, Charleston A and B, and 6-count). We rotate through these sets, teaching you fun new moves, some styling, some more technical stuff, and really start to work on the underlying techniques of how you make it all work on the social dance floor.  We hope at this stage that you’re coming out social dancing with us regularly because it’s so much fun!

Level 3 Lindy hop
Lindy 3 is for those who have been dancing for long enough to rock out to a bunch of different tempos and can comfortably social dance with most people in the scene. You should be able to mix moves of different counts and be very comfortable with the concepts of lead and follow!  You are starting to think beyond steps and ready to develop ‘how’ you dance. You have a basic understanding of the concepts of balance, centering, weight change and you wanting to develop your dance to music and feeling driven rather than steps driven.

Learn some tricky moves and techniques to make your dancing amazing!  There is no set syllabus for level 3 – its completely up to the teachers each set to teach you their own special brand of awesome! Note that we generally require people to get the okay from a teacher before moving up to level 3 – have a dance with them at social and get some feedback on how to take your dancing to the next level!

Routine classes
This is a special class for level 3 and up dancers who are keen to develop their performance skills and learn some choreographed routines. If you’re interested in joining this class email us at to find out what routines are upcoming and discuss whether you will be at the right level to enjoy the class.

Other styles 3 week sets
For the purposes of these classes, “Level 1” means you know nothing (or have forgotten most things) in the style, whilst level 2 means you’ve done a number of classes, and know enough basic moves that you are happy social dancing for at least a whole song in the style (nothing flashy required – come along to class and learn the cool stuff!). If you’re unsure, flick us an email at to check.